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Portfolio Assessment

AAC&U is leading an effort to develop an e-portfolio framework for assessing a wider array of learning outcomes than those measured by these other tests. The project is developing practices in assessment based upon actual student work collected over time in an e-portfolio. Titled Valid Assessment of Learning in Undergraduate Education (VALUE), this research and development effort will collect and synthesize best practices in faculty-developed rubrics to highlight commonalities of outcomes and expectation of achievement levels across institutions. AAC&U also will develop models and templates through which e-portfolios can be used to demonstrate, share, and assess student accomplishment of advanced and integrative learning outcomes.

More information on our work in e-portfolios can be found at VALUE: Valid Assessment of Learning in Undergraduate Education.

A number of colleges and universities are now developing unique and interesting e-portfolio practices.  We encourage you to explore the practices on the campuses that are working with AAC&U in the VALUE project, a few of which are listed below:

The Use of Portfolio Assessment in Evaluation
An introduction to portfolio principles and use. Ends with a nice, succinct annotated bibliography.

Portfolio Assessment (Prince George’s County Public Schools)
Even though this site is nominally for the K-12 level, the information here can serve as a foundation for anyone initiating the use of portfolio assessments. A number of links cover types of portfolios, getting started, evaluation processes, and resources.