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Project Kaleidoscope (PKAL) — Advancing what works in STEM education

2010 Keck/PKAL National Colloquium

"Transformative Change in STEM Education: Leadership for Advancing Undergraduate Interdisciplinary Learning"

October 15-16, 2010
Grand Hyatt Washington Hotel
Washington, DC
Colloquium made possible by a grant from the W.M. Keck Foundation

Meeting Materials


As this new century continues to unfold, it is becoming even more apparent that students will need to be competent and confident in their abilities to think and act across disciplinary lines. Today's world is ever more interconnected, integrated and interdisciplinary. PKAL's Facilitating Interdisciplinary Learning (IDL) project, funded by the W.M. Keck Foundation, has involved 30 diverse campus teams around the country in a conversation about what works and what needs to happen to better prepare students for interdisciplinary STEM thinking and doing. This project builds, in part on PKAL's past work in interdisciplinary STEM education and the National Research Council Report on Facilitating Interdisciplinary Research.

The Keck/PKAL National Colloquium is the conclusion and celebration of this three-year project, during which campus teams have been engaged in interdisciplinary STEM education projects, ranging from interdisciplinary general education and first year experience programs to interdisciplinary courses in teacher education and majors programs in environmental science, neuroscience and human biology.

The work of the campus teams has been focused on making recommendations and defining successful strategies in three key areas:

  • Interdisciplinary STEM learning and assessment
  • Institutional vision, cultures and practices
  • Leadership and institutional change

The National Colloquium is designed to engage participants, including members of Keck/PKAL project teams, in developing a strategic leadership action agenda to advance interdisciplinary STEM learning--for all students.

Colloquium participants will provide feedback on project recommendations in the three key areas and engage in small group discussion sessions to help generate strategic leadership action items for influential constituent groups – higher education leaders, accreditation agencies, scientific professional societies, and funding agencies and organizations. National leaders in STEM and higher education will provide their perspectives on the recommendations and the leadership action agenda. Participation from members of each of these constituent groups and others concerned with interdisciplinary learning is desired.

A detailed agenda can be found here.



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