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Previous Issues

Previous issues of Peer Review are available for purchase until the issue is sold out. Individual issues are $8 for members, and $10 for non-members.

We offer substantial discounts on bulk orders of single issues (11 copies or more).

Peer Review Winter 2014  

For Reflection, Learning, and Assessment

Winter 2014
E-portfolios are now being used in more than half of US colleges and universities. This issue provides examples of how engaging with e-portfolios enhances student learning and can be used for assessment and students’ professional preparation and job searches.
SOLD OUT-This issue is available for sale in eBook Version (PDF).

Peer Review Fall 2013  

Capstones and Integrative Learning
Fall 2013
Whether they’re called senior capstones or some other name, these culminating experiences require students nearing the end of their college years to create a project of some sort that integrates and applies what they’ve learned. This issue shows examples of learning outcomes and best practices for capstone courses and programs.
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Peer Review Summer 2013 Cover  

The Changing Nature of Faculty Roles
Summer 2013
This issue explores the evolution of faculty roles, including the growing dependence on non-tenure-track faculty (trends, research, etc.), and how these changes are having an impact on student learning outcomes. The issue also features faculty roles at institutions that remain committed to the traditional teacher–scholar model.
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Peer Review Spring 2013 Cover  

Models for Student Success:
Developing a Community College Student Roadmap

Spring 2013
This issue highlights lessons learned from Developing a Community College Student Roadmap, the LEAP project designed to assist community colleges in creating robust and proactive programs of academic support. These programs—tied to expected learning outcomes—engage students at entrance and teach them how to become active partners in their own quest for educational success.
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Oeer Revuew Wubter 2013 Cover  

Collaborative Leadership for Liberal Education
Winter 2013
This issue explores how campus leaders—presidents, boards, administrators and faculty—can best work together to foster successful learning outcomes on their campus.
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Peer Review Fall 2012  

Essential Learning Outcomes, the New MCAT, and Curricular Change
Fall 2012

This issue details changes to the MCAT, which will focus more on broad integrative learning outcomes and competencies than on specific course requirements. The new MCAT reinforces an urgent need for significant curricular revision, as curricula are designed to focus more on competencies within lower-division prehealth coursework, and to encourage undergraduate students to make creative connections between and across disciplines and divisions.
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Peer Review Summer 2012 Cover  

Frontiers of Faculty Work:
Embracing Innovation and High-Impact Practices

Summer 2012

This issue centers on how faculty are using high-impact educational practices in individual classrooms across an array of disciplines. It will address the challenges and opportunities to implementing more engaged forms of learning in individual classes taught as part of the regular curricula.
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Peer Review Spring 2012 Cover  

The Liberally Educated Professional
Spring 2012
This issue explores how various professional programs, such as teacher education, engineering, and nursing, can be designed to go beyond narrow professional training to produce “liberally educated professionals."
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Peer Review Fall 2011/Winter 2012  

Assessing Liberal Education Outcomes Using VALUE Rubrics
Fall 2011/Winter 2012
This issue focuses on AAC&U’s VALUE rubrics, which were tested on more than one hundred pilot campuses and cover outcomes often neglected in other assessment systems. This issue explores various ways in which different kinds of colleges and universities are using the rubrics to assess student learning in and across courses and programs.
SOLD OUT - full issue is available as a PDF.

Peer Review Summer 2011  

Advancing What Works in STEM:
A View Through the PKAL Lens

Summer 2011
This issue of Peer Review emerges from the new partnership between Project Kaleidoscope (PKAL) and the Association of American Colleges and Universities and provides a critical lens on current trends and emerging practices in STEM education. This issue highlights the progress that many campuses have been making in improving STEM learning. Articles also feature research findings on interactive STEM learning and STEM/non-STEM differences in student engagement.
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Peer Review Spring  2011 Cover  

Lessons on Systemic Reform from the LEAP States Initiative
Spring 2011

This issue highlights lessons learned from AAC&U’s LEAP States initiative. It features educational and curricular reform work of institutions and state systems involved in the LEAP States Initiative—focusing on how selected state systems are using the LEAP essential learning outcomes as a shared framework for student achievement, accountability, school-college alignment, and underserved student success. The lessons learned can be useful to those in a wide range of institutions working toward educational reform.
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Peer Review Winter 2011 Cover  

Returning Adult Students
Winter 2011

Adult students comprise a growing population on college campuses. This issue features a range of programs that ensure returning adult and other nontraditional students receive the full array of liberal education outcomes.
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Peer Review Fall 2010 Cover  

Internships and Experiential Learning
Fall 2010

Articles in this issue present best practices for creating internships and other experiential learning opportunities that allow students to extend classroom learning and apply their knowledge and skills in real-world settings.
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Peer Review Summer 2010  

The Future of the Faculty:
Collaborating to Cultivate Change

Summer 2010
This issue explores new strategies for diversifying the faculty and developing their effectiveness as teachers and engaged scholars. This issue draws on discussions from the 2009 Faculty Resource Network/Leadership Alliance special joint session on The Future of the Professoriate.
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Peer Review Spring 2010 Cover  

Undergraduate Research
Spring 2010

This issue highlights undergraduate programs that integrate students into the research community through mentored experiences in various disciplines. These programs strive to provide students with hands-on opportunities to participate in original research projects and to engage in creative activities and scholarship under the guidance of experienced faculty members. Articles focus on undergraduate research in the arts and humanities, as well as in STEM disciplines, and describe models for first-year and lower-division students.
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Peer Review Winter 2010  

Engaging Departments
Winter 2010
This issue explores how departments are developing assessment approaches that deepen student learning. Recognizing that most faculty identify strongly with their discipline and that students are engaged in more complex and sophisticated practice of liberal learning as they complete their majors, the issue presents articles that advance integrative and engaged learning in and across disciplines. The features draw on sessions and presentations from AAC&U’s 2009 Engaging Departments Institute.
SOLD OUT - full issue is available as a PDF.

Peer Reivew Fall 2009  

Study Abroad and Global Learning:
Exploring Connections

Fall 2009

Features articles on best practices in campus study abroad programs, research on the impact of study abroad, and analysis of the role and limitations of study abroad as a strategy for global learning.
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Peer Review Summer 2009 Cover  

Liberal Education and Undergraduate Public Health Studies
Summer 2009
This issue makes the case for a bridge between the undergraduate and public health communities, illustrates the potential for public health education as a vehicle for liberal learning, and provides concrete examples and approaches to the development of high quality undergraduate courses and curricula.
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Peer Review Spring 2009 Cover  

Good Teaching: What Is It and How Do We Measure It?
Spring 2009
This issue addresses specific challenges faculty are facing in the classroom today. It explores issues related to developing collaborative and hands-on learning opportunities, research on the relationship between expectations and achievement, and ways to teach about controversial subjects and issues that challenge students' deeply held beliefs.
SOLD OUT - full issue is available as a PDF.

Peer Review Winter 2009 Cover  

Assessing Learning Outcomes: Lessons from AAC&U's VALUE Project
Winter 2009
This issue focuses on AAC&U’s VALUE project and provides an overview of new assessment approaches it is helping campuses develop, including the application of rubrics assessing a broad set of important learning outcomes using examples of student work completed over time in an e-portfolio.
SOLD OUT - full issue is available as a PDF.

Peer Review Fall 2008  

Toward Intentionality and Integration
Fall 2008
Intentionality and integrative learning, captured in the LEAP vision of essential learning outcomes, have been themes in AAC&U work for decades. This issue features articles about institutions that are aligning institutional practices with educational goals, making clear to students what the important outcomes of college are, and developing opportunities for them to integrate and apply what they are learning.
SOLD OUT - full issue is available as a PDF.

Peer Review Spring/Summer 2008 Cover  

Student Political Engagement
Spring/Summer 2008
This issue of Peer Review examines how the academy engages students in their learning today to help them grow as engaged citizens for tomorrow.
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Peer Review Winter 2008  

Academic Advising
Winter 2008

This issue addresses the role of academic advising in undergraduate education with a special focus on general education goals and the documentation of the achievement of student learning outcomes.
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Peer Review Fall 2007 Cover  

Faculty Development: Finding Balance in Changing Roles
Fall 2007

Faculty development will play a critical role in efforts to achieve essential learning outcomes for all students. This issue features the key challenges and pressures facing faculty members and institutions as they work to orient new faculty and build the skills of existing faculty.
SOLD OUT - full issue is available as a PDF.

Peer Review Summer 2007  

Bringing Theory to Practice
Summer 2007
The Bringing Theory to Practice (BTtoP) project seeks to advance engaged student learning and determine how it might improve the quality of students' education, development, health, and commitment to civic engagement. This issue provides a brief project overview as well as several campus examples that offer specific forms of engaged learning and how they are contributing to students' health and well-being.
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Peer Review Spring 2007 Cover  

Assessing Student Learning
Spring 2007
As campuses implement more complex assignments, community placements, internships, student research programs, and other engaged learning practices, the opportunity for students to demonstrate complex capacities will be increased. This issue addresses a variety of approaches to achieving and assessing the advanced learning outcomes derived from these practices. It includes a special focus on developing and assessing capstone courses.
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Pr Cover Winter 2007  

Student Preparation, Motivation, and Achievement
Winter 2007
The issue presents data on college readiness, effective strategies for increasing student engagement and motivation to work hard and succeed, and new ways to measure student achievement of key learning outcomes.
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Peer Review Fall 2006 Cover  

Learning and Technology
Fall 2006
This issue examines a range of current issues concerning the role and use of technology in student learning and also addresses how these technologies can advance liberal education learning outcomes. Topics addressed include using technology to advance humanistic ideals, teaching through blended learning environment, engaging faculty in a technological age, and learning through the deployment of innovative technologies in informal spaces.
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Peer Review Summer 2006 Cover  

Successful Transitions to College Through First- Year Programs
Summer 2006
This issue features first-year programs that are designed to facilitate positive transitions for students into higher education and foster more intentional learning through intensive seminars and faculty contact, mentoring programs, and cocurricular activities.
Sold Out - Complete PDF available

Peer Review Cover Spring 2006  

The Creativity Imperative
Spring 2006
Why is cultivating creative abilities among today’s students so essential? This issue focuses on the creativity imperative and addresses such issues as how to shape a creative environment on campus and what role creativity plays in a range of today’s work environments
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Peer Review Winter 2006

Undergraduate Research: A Path to Engagement, Achievement, and Integration
Winter 2006
This issue highlights undergraduate programs that integrate students into the research community through mentored experiences in the various disciplines. These programs strive to provide students with hands-on opportunities to participate in original research projects and to engage in creative activities and scholarship under the guidance of experienced faculty members.
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Peer Review Summer/Fall 2005

Integrative Learning
Summer/Fall 2005
This issue of Peer Review focuses on integrative learning. Integrative abilities are among the most important goals of a twenty-first-century liberal education. Articles in this issue explore how integrative learning fosters connections among disciplines and cocurricular experiences and transcends academic boundaries.
SOLD OUT - full issue is available as a PDF.

Peer Review Sprint 2005

Liberal Education and the Entrepreneurial Spirit
Spring 2005
Sponsored by the Kauffman Consortium for Liberal Education and Entrepreneurship, housed at the College of Charleston, this issue explores how entrepreneurial ideas and values, especially those tied to a sense of social responsibility, might reinvigorate and complement contemporary understandings of liberal education across multiple disciplines.
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Peer Review Winter 2004

Science and Engaged Learning
Winter 2005
This issue explores efforts to improve science education for majors and nonmajors through new forms of engaged science learning. Included are an overview of trends in undergraduate science reform, a reflection on the multiple meanings of engaged learning, and a list of myths about engagement that prevent science faculty from adopting active learning pedagogies.
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Peer Review Fall 2004

Creating Shared Responsibility for General Education and Assessment
Fall 2004
Challenging the widespread notion that general education is something to "get out of the way as soon as possible," this issue explores ways that campuses are now working to cultivate important outcomes across the curriculum and, given the growth in student transfer, across institutions.
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Peer Review Summer 2004

Quantitative Literacy
Summer 2004
This issue focuses on quantitative literacy as a key outcome of liberal education and explores recent trends in instruction, assessment, and curricular location. Also included is a look at related college readiness issues.
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Peer Review Spring 2004

Advancing the Conversation Between Graduate and Undergraduate Education
Spring 2004
Planned in coordination with the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching, this issue examines the intersections between undergraduate and graduate education. It explores the ways in which doctoral education could and should cultivate not just preparation for teaching in liberal arts fields, but new leadership for the larger aims of liberal education.
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Peer Review Winter 2004

(R)Evolution of the New Globally Engaged Academy
Winter 2004
Focuses on the evolving identities and missions of colleges and universities as they adapt to provide a practical and engaged liberal education to today's students
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Writing and the New Academy
Fall 2003
Focuses on writing as a key outcome of liberal education and explores recent trends in writing instruction, assessment, and curricular relocation. Also included are case studies in programmatic reform and a look at related college readiness issues.
Sold Out - Complete PDF available

General Education in the New Academy
Summer 2003
Addresses new models for general education with a focus on models of integrative learning and connections with the major and across a student's full time in college. It also explores the impact of such changes on institutional priorities like the assessment of student learning outcomes.
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Educating for Citizenship
Spring 2003
Focuses on how the academic goals of liberal education are enhanced by civic engagement and explores how or whether civic engagement is transforming liberal education.
Sold Out - Complete PDF available

Purposeful Pathways? A Look at School-College Alignment
Winter 2003
Provides a critical overview of school-college alignment efforts and makes the case for more active involvement on the part of higher education in defining college readiness.
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Contingent Faculty and Student Learning
Fall 2002
Explores issues and trends associated with the use of part-time and full-time non-tenure-track faculty with a particular focus on the impact of these trends on the quality of students' educational experiences.
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The Values Question in Higher Education
Summer 2002
Explores the ways colleges and universities are addressing the values questions today's students and the wider world bring to campus.
Sold Out - Complete PDF available

Value Added Assessment of Liberal Education
Winter/Spring 2002 (double issue)
Presents the RAND Corporation/Council for Aid to Education's Value Added Assessment Initiative, a long-term project to assess the quality of undergraduate liberal education in America at the institutional level. Also includes several initial responses to the initiative.
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Learning Communities: A Sustainable Innovation?
Summer/Fall 2001 (double issue)
Explores the challenges faced by this successful innovation and presents current best practices.
Sold Out

Academic Governance: Charting a New Course
Spring 2001
Provides an overview of the history and current state of academic governance.
Sold Out

Broad Minds & Good Jobs: Integrating Liberal and Professional Studies
Winter 2001
Considers the context for, and the challenges of, integrating liberal and professional studies in the undergraduate curriculum.
Sold Out

A Small World?: Students and Faculty Abroad
Fall 2000
Seeks to provoke informed debate over the shape academic exchange will take in the years ahead and offers concise descriptions of current trends, key players, and useful resources.
Sold Out

Why Is It So Hard to Change the Curriculum?
Summer 2000
Looks at the challenges facing those who hope to lead their campuses in revising the undergraduate curriculum.
Sold Out

Health in Campus Life and Learning
Spring 2000
Argues that, in the context of a liberal education, we should help students understand the significance of health in their own lives and in the lives of those around them.
Sold Out

A Moveable Feast? Curricular Coherence and Student Transfer
Winter 2000
Explores curricular coherence as a systemic challenge and argues that, in an age of student mobility, curricular coherence requires a broad commitment to debate and define our common educational goals.
Sold Out

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