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Facing the Divides:
Diversity, Learning, and Pathways to Inclusive Excellence

Houston, Texas
October 21-23, 2010

Across the country, around the globe, and in our own classrooms and administrative structures, deep divides—political, economic, religious, social, cultural—hinder our abilities to reach democratic aspirations related to inclusion, justice, and belonging. As many communities face significant issues of economic instability, lack of citizenship and legal rights, inadequate healthcare, violence, and environmental degradation, many worry that we are losing our ability to engage with each other across differences, respectfully and productively, in order to resolve complex problems and chart a path to a more equitable future.

In these challenging times, campus leaders must recommit themselves to fostering diversity and inclusion in and across our colleges and universities, not only for the benefit of the many who aspire to attend college, but also for the benefit of the larger society. Facing the Divides: Diversity, Learning, and Pathways to Inclusive Excellence will focus on the pragmatic ways in which college and university leaders are fostering inclusive learning environments. The conference will focus on five primary themes:

  • Framing Goals for Diversity and Inclusive Excellence;
  • Ensuring Access and Essential Learning;
  • Developing and Assessing Curricular and Co-Curricular Efforts;
  • Fostering Identity, Civility, and Democratic Classrooms; and
  • Building Institutional Capacity to Make Excellence Inclusive.

For more information about each theme, visit the Call for Proposals.