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Liberal Education, Summer 2015

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Global Learning for All

The summer 2015 issue of Liberal Education features a set of articles on “global learning,” focusing on the origins of this recently defined dimension of liberal education and its relation to “inclusive excellence,” the decline of international studies and the dangers it poses for the United States,  and the sense of “belonging” as an enabling condition for global learning. Also included is a personal history of the evolving role of faculty in the work of AAC&U, an account of teaching Dante in Paris on 9/11, a look at college-prison partnerships, a call for the tenure and promotion process to be reformed in order to reward engaged scholarship, and a call for reforming the way teacher evaluations are conducted.

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President's Message
From 1818 R St NW

By David Tritelli

Featured Topic

By Charles King: this article is not available online

By David C. Braskamp, Larry A. Braskamp, and Chris R. Glass

My View

By Susan D'Agostino and Jay Kosegarten