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LEAP States Initiative

The LEAP States Initiative brings AAC&U and member campuses into intentional work together toward systemic change. Through local campus and public policy leadership, the initiative supports public advocacy and curricular renewal for liberal education. The initiative builds platforms for campus action and frameworks to advance essential learning outcomes in general education and across institutional sectors. Through targeted, system-based work, the initiative fosters cross-campus collaborations to raise levels of inclusion and success for all students.

LEAP States:

  • California: the California State University System
  • Indiana: the Indiana Commission for Higher Education, public and private institutions
  • Kentucky: public two- and four-year universities in Kentucky
  • Massachusetts: public colleges and universities in Massachusetts
  • North Dakota: public, private, and tribal colleges and universities
  • Oregon: the Oregon University System
  • Texas: LEAP Texas, a voluntary coalition of institutions of higher education in Texas
  • Utah: the Utah System of Higher Education, public and private universities and colleges
  • Virginia: private institutions, public institutions affiliated with the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia (SCHEV)
  • Wisconsin: the University of Wisconsin System and the Wisconsin Association of Independent Colleges and Universities (WAICU) 

The current activities of the LEAP States Initiative are focused on the Quality Collaboratives, two- and four-year campus transfer partners working together in nine states to align transfer policy and practice around the authentic assessment of student competencies. Campus- and system-level teams in each LEAP State are collaborating over the next three years to test degree frameworks and to develop policy recommendations and assessment tools to serve this goal.

This project and other ongoing work in California, Wisconsin, and Oregon are built on the groundwork of Give Students a Compass, a 2008-2011 project that connected individual campuses and system offices in those three states to renew general education and to expand practices that lead to success for traditionally underrepresented and underserved students.

State teams are either formal, state-level system entities or informal collaboratives of regional campuses, including both private and public colleges (two-year and four-year) and universities.

The LEAP States Initiative also includes consortial partners, such as the Council of Public Liberal Arts Colleges and The New American Colleges and Universities.

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