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LEAP Campus Action Network (CAN)

Workshops and Events Archive

The LEAP Campus Action Network (CAN) hosts free LEAP workshops and events connected to AAC&U’s Network for Academic Renewal conferences and annual meetings. The workshops and events are exclusively for individuals from CAN member institutions and are designed to strengthen participants’ campus work on LEAP-related issues.

Below is a full archive of CAN workshops and events.  To find out about upcoming events, visit the workshops and events page.

Past LEAP Workshop and Events

Scientific Literacy as an Essential Global Learning Outcome
Conference: Engaged STEM Learning: From Promising to Pervasive Practices | Hilton Miami Downtown, Miami, FL | March 24, 2011

Featuring Campus Action Network (CAN) member Lynn University, this LEAP workshop explored innovative general education curricular designs and the specific types of faculty development such designs require. With the launch of a new curriculum, The Dialogues of Learning, Lynn University integrates global learning with other required student learning outcomes, including Scientific Literacy (SL). A significant challenge in the implementation process has been the inability of many faculty to incorporate the SL outcome into upper-division major courses, and time will be spent in the workshop addressing how faculty development can assist with this.


2011 LEAP Breakfast Forum
AAC&U 2011 Annual Meeting: Global Positioning: Essential Learning, Student Success, and the Currency of U.S. Degrees | San Francisco, CA | January 29, 2011
The 2011 LEAP Forum focused on “Liberal Education in the Disciplines.” It featured framing remarks by AAC&U president Carol Geary Schneider and special guest William M. Sullivan, senior scholar at The Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching. Drawing on business as a case study, Dr. Sullivan discussed current educational paradigms that prevent many institutions from fully integrating liberal education outcomes into the majors—the curricular “home” where students and faculty typically identify most strongly. This lack of integration can result in students perceiving their majors in purely instrumental terms and general education as an inconvenience to be “gotten out of the way.” In contrast, Sullivan argues, a fully integrative educational experience asks students to draw on different disciplines in the context of their most challenging work in the major, and to use their learning in the majors to “responsibly engage with the life of the times.”

Handout (pdf)

Social Responsibility through Undergraduate Research
Conference: Creativity, Inquiry, and Discovery: Undergraduate Research In and Across the Disciplines | Durham, NC | November 11, 2010
Featuring CAN member Duke University, this LEAP workshop helped participants conceptualize undergraduate research experiences that foster not only intellectual and practical skills, but also social responsibility. The workshop highlighted Duke’s Hart Leadership Program and its Service Opportunities in Leadership model, which combines academic study, community-based research, critical reflection, and mentoring.

Making a Difference: The Role of High-Impact Practices in Underserved Student Success
Conference: Facing the Divides: Diversity, Learning, and Pathways to Inclusive Excellence | Houston, TX | October 21, 2010
Featuring CAN members the University of Houston-Downtown and Kapi’olani Community College (U. Hawaii), this LEAP workshop helped participants develop strategies to implement, assess, and institutionalize high-impact practices that make a real difference in student achievement.


Preparing Faculty for the Future
Conference: Faculty Roles in High Impact Practices | Philadelphia, PA | March 25, 2010
This workshop engaged current, emerging, and future faculty leaders with practical approaches to learning, teaching, and assessment that enhance student learning outcomes. The workshop included models and practices from the University of Maryland Baltimore County, the University of the Pacific, and AAC&U.


General Education Workshop
Conference: General Education and Assessment: Maintaining Momentum, Addressing New Priorities | Seattle, WA | February 25, 2010
This workshop focused on sustaining the innovative work around general education and assessment. The workshop included models and practices from CAN members St. Olaf College and University of North Dakota.

2010 Breakfast Forum
AAC&U 2010 Annual Meeting |
Washington, DC | January 23, 2010
This forum featured models and practices from CAN members Hostos Community College (CUNY), College of Wooster, James Madison University, and San José State University.

Integrative Learning Workshop
Conference: Integrative Learning: Addressing the Complexities |
Atlanta, GA | October 24, 2009
This workshop explored using the LEAP framework to create and sustain learning environments that develop students’ integrative capacities over time through the application of knowledge and skills to new settings and complex problems. The workshop included models and practices from CAN members Roanoke College, CUNY Queensborough Community College, and San Francisco State University.

Personal and Social Responsibility Workshop
Conference: Educating for Personal and Social Responsibility: Deepening Student and Campus Commitment |
Minneapolis, MN | October 1, 2009
Conversations centered on curricular and co-curricular designs and pedagogies that foster personal and social responsibility in students and that use the LEAP framework to move this work to the center of institutional culture and academic practice. The workshop included models and practices from CAN members Concordia College-Moorhead, Portland State University, and Winona State University.

Faculty Workshop
Conference: Shaping Faculty Roles in a Time of Change | San Diego, CA | April 2, 2009
Discussions centered on preparing faculty for academic leadership and institutional citizenship by enacting the LEAP vision. This workshop was set in the context of creating and sustaining structures and policies that support faculty in enacting the LEAP vision. The workshop included models and practices from CAN member University of the Pacific.
Workshop Handout (pdf)

General Education Workshop
Conference: General Education and Assessment | Baltimore, MD | February 26, 2009
Conversations centered on faculty buy-in, state system-level participation, and starting and maintaining redesign efforts. This workshop was set in the context of remapping general education and three campus examples were highlighted. The workshop included models and practices from CAN members California State University-Long Beach, Drake University, and University of Nebraska-Lincoln.
Workshop Handouts (pdf)

2009 Breakfast Forum
AAC&U 2009 Annual Meeting | Seattle, WA | January 24, 2009
This forum featured models and practices from CAN members Portland State University, University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh, and Washington and Jefferson College.

2008 Breakfast Forum
AAC&U 2008 Annual Meeting | Washington, DC | January 26, 2008
This forum featured models and practices from CAN members Wagner College, Miami Dade College, and University of Wisconsin-Madison.

LEAP Campus Action Network Contact

  • Bethany Zecher Sutton, Chief of Staff and Coordinating Director for the LEAP Initiative,