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The Civic Series: A Video Introduction

Fall 2013 Bringing Theory to Practice Newsletter

By Margaret Salazar-Porzio, curator of Latina/o History and Culture at the National Museum of American History; former associate research scholar and lecturer, Center for Institutional and Social Change, Columbia University Law

Earlier this year at a gathering of editors and authors involved in the publication of BTtoP’s The Civic Series monographs in Washington, DC, BTtoP interviewed some of the leading civic scholars and practitioners in attendance about their theories-in-use and some important questions driving their work: What are civic values and practices? What are the implications of civic learning? How can the civic mission of higher education lead to broad and deep democratic and inclusive attitudes and actions? How can we move forward together to accomplish the promise of higher education?

It soon became clear throughout the interviews that sharing some of these expert perspectives could raise additional interest in and awareness of The Civic Series, shed light on key topics, and spark conversations among researchers, policy makers, business people, activists, and members of the public.

The BTtoP team invited me to take a lead on the project, along with the talented graphic and video production designer Ranjan Das. Together we created a video that, in concert with The Civic Series, we hope encourages action, thought, and collaboration by raising questions and providing perspectives on fundamental issues about the civic mission of higher education, invigorating the intellectual climate and promoting public discussion, sharing bold ideas about the civic mission of higher education, and contributing broadly and deeply to theory and practice.

The video is narrated by Don Harward and Ashley Finley and the scholars featured include Peter Levine, Tufts University; Gretchen Lopez, Syracuse University; Sybril Bennett, Belmont University; and Richard Guarasci, Wagner College.

To view the “Bringing Theory to Practice, Civic Series Teaser” video, please visit the BTtoP YouTube channel: