May 2003  

AAC&U officers and staff regularly travel throughout the country, and occasionally the world, to speak and consult at AAC&U member schools through seminars, institutes, and workshops as well as in more informal gatherings. AAC&U staff also regularly speak on the value of liberal education at various media and public affairs events. These meetings are an opportunity for the membership to influence the direction of AAC&U's initiatives. We look forward to seeing you the next time we are on your campus.

On May 7 President Carol Schneider travels to Temple University to participate in the College of Liberal Arts Curriculum Conference, "Strengthening Learning Across Majors: Writing, Sequencing and Capstone Innovations." Dr. Schneider will speak on how Temple's reforms relate to national trends in higher education. On May 19-20, she will participate in a faculty retreat at Trinity College (CT). On May 31, Carol will receive an honorary degree from Westminster College, Salt Lake City, Utah.

Andrea Leskes, vice president for the Office of Education and Quality Initiatives, will be in Bulgaria May 6-11 to attend the board meeting of the American University of Bulgaria. On May 16 she will speak at Commencement ceremonies at Dickinson State University in Dickinson, ND. On May 19, she will travel to Orem, UT, to speak about Greater Expectations at Utah Valley State College.

AAC&U Director of Membership Esther Merves attended a Colloquy on Religion and the Liberal Arts hosted by the Center of Inquiry at Wabash College on March 20 - 23, and co-sponsored with The Phi Beta Kappa Society. James Davison Hunter, director for Advanced Studies in Culture at the University of Virginia, gave the plenary address, "On the Moral Purposes of Higher Education." See related article at