January/February 2008
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AAC&U officers and staff regularly travel throughout the country, and occasionally the world, to speak and consult at AAC&U member schools through seminars, institutes, and workshops as well as in more informal gatherings. AAC&U staff also regularly speak on the value of liberal education at various media and public affairs events. These meetings are an opportunity for the membership to influence the direction of AAC&U's initiatives. We look forward to seeing you the next time we are on your campus.

Carol Geary Schneider, AAC&U president, will speak at the annual Academic Chairpersons Conference in Orlando, Florida, on February 7, on "Taking the Lead on What Matters in College: Liberal Education for the New Global Century." In the month of February, Schneider will also speak at Westfield State College in Massachusetts and Oberlin College in Ohio.

Terrel Rhodes, AAC&U vice president for quality, curriculum and assessment, gave the keynote address on January 10 at Framingham State College’s “Conference on e-Portfolio in Higher Education,” involving more than 150 faculty and administrators from 45 colleges. This conference was designed to advance understanding of the way e-Portfolio is currently used in Massachusetts higher education and to provide one of the first opportunities for higher education professionals from the private and public sectors to come together to discuss how this academic technology can be leveraged to support essential outcomes for students.

Kevin Hovland, AAC&U director for global learning and curricular change, will attend Teaching Prevention 2008, the annual meeting of the Association for Prevention Teaching and Research (APTR). The meeting, to be held February 20-23, in Austin, Texas, will feature a daylong Undergraduate Public Health Education Institute featuring some of the work of the AAC&U/APTR initiative The Educated Citizen and Public Health.