April 2007
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Register Now for Undergraduate Research Conference

Is your campus developing or expanding undergraduate research programs? AAC&U’s upcoming Network for Academic Renewal conference, “The Student as Scholar: Undergraduate Research and Creative Practice," will explore strategies for developing and assessing effective undergraduate research programs. The conference will present a variety of approaches to undergraduate education that prepare students not only to be active members in the campus community of scholars, but also to engage as citizens and successful professionals in an increasingly complex and diverse world. “The Student as Scholar” will be held April 19–21 in Long Beach, California. Online registration is available until April 13, and in-person registration will be available beginning at 10 am on April 19 at the Hilton Long Beach.

Proposal Deadline Approaching for Civic Learning Conference

AAC&U will be accepting proposals for “Civic Learning at the Intersections” until April 12. A Network for Academic Renewal conference to be held October 18–20, 2007, in Denver, Colorado, this meeting will highlight current research and promising practices related to the integration of work on civic engagement, diversity, and global learning. “Civic Learning at the Intersections” will also focus on articulating the aims and learning outcomes of civic engagement programs. Registration for the conference will begin in mid-April.

AAC&U Invites Proposals for Conference on Sharing Responsibility for Learning Outcomes

AAC&U invites proposals for “Sharing Responsibility for Essential Learning Outcomes: New Partnerships across Departments, Academic Affairs, and Student Affairs,” a Network for Academic Renewal conference to be held November 1–3, 2007, in Savannah, Georgia. The conference will draw on AAC&U’s new report, College Learning for the New Global Century, which calls for broad-based leadership to create campus cultures, structures, and rewards that support faculty and staff leadership. AAC&U seeks proposals about programs that promote greater collaboration across divisional lines on issues such as making college learning goals transparent and holding students and faculty and staff accountable for achieving essential learning outcomes. Proposals addressing student and academic affairs partnerships are especially encouraged. The deadline for submitting proposals is April 30. Registration for the conference will begin in mid-April.

AAC&U General Education Conference Draws Record Number of Participants

Last month’s Network for Academic Renewal conference, "General Education and Assessment: Engaging Critical Questions, Fostering Critical Learning," drew 650 participants from campuses across the country. Participants reported on progress in general education reform on their campuses and explored ways of fostering sophisticated learning outcomes across the disciplines. Podcasts of selected sessions and resources from the conference are now available.

AAC&U would like to thank the following sponsors for helping make the 2007 General Education and Assessment conference a success: Multi-Health Systems, Blackboard, Academic Management Systems–CourseEval™, the Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL), TaskStream, and WEAVEonline® Assessment Management System.

AAC&U President to Serve on Steering Committee for Department of Education

Secretary of Education Margaret Spellings has appointed AAC&U President Carol Geary Schneider to a twenty-four-member steering committee that will provide input to the secretary as she sets priorities for action following the March 22 National Summit on Higher Education. In inviting Schneider to participate, Secretary Spellings noted AAC&U’s leadership on learning outcomes through the Liberal Education and America’s Promise initiative and AAC&U’s earlier Greater Expectations initiative. For more information, see the press release announcing President Schneider’s appointment.

Network for Academic Renewal Advances LEAP Initiative

AAC&U members have many opportunities to engage with the Liberal Education and America’s Promise initiative. Each of AAC&U’s Network for Academic Renewal conferences features an informational breakfast session about LEAP. More than sixty participants attended the LEAP informational session and a special LEAP communications session at the recent General Education and Assessment conference in Miami. Additional sessions are planned for the upcoming spring conference, “The Student as Scholar: Undergraduate Research and Creative Practice,” and the two fall Network conferences. Each Network conference also includes a featured LEAP session, which highlights practices or programs on campus that support the LEAP vision for liberal education.

Two New Campuses Join Global Learning Project

Carnegie Mellon University and Worcester Polytechnic Institute have joined AAC&U's Shared Futures: General Education for Global Learning network. The new project participants will join colleagues from fourteen institutions that have been using global learning goals as organizing principles across general education programs. Established with funding from the Henry Luce Foundation in 2005, the Shared Futures Network currently is supported by the Fund for the Improvement of Postsecondary Education. Participants in this second phase of work are making science courses a more central part of their global general education curricula, using global learning categories and courses to assess key liberal education outcomes, and helping students understand the connections between their global learning and ethical citizenship.

Participants Announced for Project on Public Health and Liberal Education

AAC&U, in partnership with the Association for Prevention Teaching and Research, has selected thirty-nine institutions to participate in the Public Health and Liberal Education project. Faculty teams in the project will create undergraduate courses in Public Health 101, Epidemiology 101, and Global Health 101. Student learning outcomes for each course will be linked to the principles of excellence articulated in the LEAP report. Faculty will be encouraged to teach through the public health courses to far-reaching issues—contemporary and enduring—in science and society, cultures and values, global interdependence, the changing economy, and human dignity and freedom.

Core Commitments Initiative Holds Inaugural Meeting

The leadership consortium for Core Commitments: Educating Students for Personal and Social Responsibility gathered in Washington, DC, March 30–April 1 to kick off the two-year initiative. Caryn McTighe Musil, AAC&U senior vice president and project director, welcomed consortium members to a weekend of framing remarks and team time. Lee Knefelkamp, director of assessment and dialogues, urged campus teams to view the project's five dimensions of personal and social responsibility—striving for excellence, cultivating personal and academic integrity, contributing to a larger community, taking seriously the perspectives of others, and developing ethical and moral reasoning—as overlapping and mutually reinforcing. AAC&U President Carol Geary Schneider emphasized the need for campuses to take a coherent, intentional, and broad-based approach to educating students for personal and social responsibility. Campus teams also heard from Director of Research Eric Dey, who talked about a newly developed institutional inventory designed to gauge constituents' perceptions about the extent to which a campus has woven the five dimensions into programs, policies, and practices.

AAC&U Appoints Paul Nelson as Senior Fellow

AAC&U has appointed Paul Nelson, former director of the Office of Graduate and Postgraduate Education for the American Psychological Association, as senior fellow. At AAC&U, Nelson will work with the Office of Education and Institutional Renewal on initiatives related to the role of faculty as architects of the curriculum, cultivators of their disciplines, and institutional citizens. For more information, see the press release announcing Nelson’s appointment.

New WII Faculty Fellow to Serve at Business Information Center

The Washington Internship Institute (WII) and AAC&U have announced the appointment of the Linda Cornett as the spring 2007 faculty fellow. Cornett, an associate professor of political science at the University of North Carolina–Asheville, will spend her semester in Washington at the Business Information Center, an international organization that partners with civic organizations and developing countries seeking to promote social and economic justice at the World Bank and other international financial institutions. The WII Faculty Fellows Internship Program is cosponsored by AAC&U and enables faculty to broaden their professional, disciplinary, and personal horizons, reinvigorating their own work as scholars, teachers, and educational leaders.

AAC&U Vice President Debra Humphreys Joins Board of Contributors for About Campus

Debra Humphreys, AAC&U vice president of communications and public affairs, has been invited to join the board of contributors for About Campus: Enriching the Student Learning Experience. A bimonthly journal jointly published by Wiley and ACPA-College Student Educators International, About Campus examines the critical issues faced by both student affairs and academic affairs staff as they work on shared goals for student learning.

On Campus with Women Examines the "Boys' Crisis"

The latest issue of On Campus with Women, which examines the so-called "boys' crisis" in education, is now available online. Media reports of girls achieving at the expense of boys have caused a panic, yet boys are achieving at higher rates than ever before—just at slower rates than girls. Moreover, the debate about boys has rarely addressed the critical factors of racial and economic disparities. The aim of this issue is to examine the limited way the “boys’ crisis” has been framed and to reshape the debate.

New AGLS Publication Focuses on Improving General Education

The Association for General and Liberal Studies (AGLS) has released Improving Learning in General Education: An AGLS Guide to Assessment and Program Review, a new publication that includes a set of questions intended to promote program coherence and continuous quality improvement. The questions center on fundamental issues such as the connection between mission and general and liberal learning, asking users to consider how they actualize, judge, and improve their programs. AGLS and AAC&U share a conviction that the integrity of the general education program is a key indicator of the overall quality of students’ liberal education.


Peer Review Winter 2007  

Peer Review,
Winter 2007

Student Preparation, Motivation, and Achievement


On Campus With Women
A "Boys' Crisis"?


Liberal Education Winter 2007  

Liberal Education, Winter 2007
Bringing Theory to Practice

LEAP Report  
College Learning for the New Global Century
A Report from the National Leadership Council for Liberal Education and America's Promise

Network for Academic Renewal Conferences:

The Student as Scholar: Undergraduate Research and Creative Practice
April 19–21, 2007
Long Beach, California

Civic Learning at the Intersections: U.S. Diversity, Global Education, and Democracy’s Unfinished Work
October 18–20, 2007
Denver, Colorado

Sharing Responsibility for Essential Learning Outcomes: New Partnerships across Departments, Academic Affairs, and Student Affairs
November 1–3, 2007
Savannah, Georgia

Summer Institutes:

Institute on General Education
May 18–23, 2007
Newport, Rhode Island

Greater Expectations Institute
June 20–24, 2007
Burlington, Vermont

For more information on meetings, visit www.aacu.org/meetings/index.cfm