La Sierra University Addresses "Global Realities"
by Partnering with Community

By infusing service throughout its academic curriculum, La Sierra University has "sought to become a genuinely community-based institution" according to Rennie B. Schoepflin and his colleagues at the Riverside, California, university. Over the last five years, not only have student curricula and pedagogical practices been revised to integrate service activities with theoretical contexts, but programs have been instituted that partner the university with community organizations, transforming La Sierra into an institution dedicated to the "global realities" of today's world. Dr. Schoepflin, Associate Professor of History and Chair of La Sierra's Department of History, Politics, and Society, writes that "higher education must dedicate itself to a partnership with organizations outside of the academy that are committed to creative change through communal interaction."

Changes that La Sierra has instituted include:

La Sierra University will be among those institutions presenting sessions at AAC&U's Annual Meeting, "Changing Students in a Changing World," scheduled for January 23 through 26, 2002, in Washington, DC. For details on this conference, see

For more information about La Sierra University and its service learning components, see

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