9th Annual Forum on Digital Learning and ePortfolios


Empowering Students to Take Ownership of Their Futures

Saturday, January 27, 2018
Grand Hyatt Hotel / Washington, DC

The ePortfolio Forum is jointly sponsored by AAC&U’s project, VALUE: Valid Assessment of Learning in Undergraduate Education; the Association for Authentic, Experiential and Evidence-Based Learning (AAEEBL), the association of ePortfolio professionals; and the International Journal of ePortfolio (IJeP).

International Journal of ePortfolio
AAC&U is proud to be the home of the International Journal of ePortfolio (IJeP)—a double-blind, peer-reviewed, open access journal freely available online. A special issue of IJeP will be published in Spring 2018, featuring articles based upon sessions presented during the Forum. See below for more information.


Logos: VALUE Project,  Association for Authentic, Experiential and Evidence-Based Learning (AAEEBL) and the International Journal of ePortfolio

About the Forum on Digital Learning and ePortfolios
AAC&U’s 9th Annual Digital Learning and ePortfolio Forum—“ePortfolios and the American Dream: Empowering Students’ Ownership of Their Future”—will offer interactive concurrent sessions and workshop opportunities for participants to share the good work they are doing to enhance student learning and success and demonstrate how it contributes to improving student lives, preparation for a global economy, and participation in strengthening democracy. 

The ePortfolio Forum will showcase three tracks:

  • The ePortfolio Practice Track will offer information on best practices regarding how to employ ePortfolios to their greatest impact;
  • A robust ePortfolio Research Track will showcase the latest in ePortfolio research
  • A Digital Learning and Student Success Track will highlight how a range of technological approaches can be leveraged in the service of students. 


Excellence on Display: Helping Students Narrate their Educational Stories

Amelia ParnellAmelia Parnell, Vice President for Research and Policy, NASPA–Student Affairs Administrators in Higher Education


Where Are We Headed? The Future of ePortfolios in Higher Education

Helen ChenHelen Chen, Director of ePortfolio Initiatives, Stanford University



Gail Matthews-DenataleGail Matthews-Denatale, Associate Director, Center for Advancing Teaching and Learning Through Research, Northeastern University



Tracy Penny LightTracy Penny Light, Associate Professor of History, Thompson Rivers University, and Chair, Board of Directors, AAEEBL



C. Edward WatsonC. Edward Watson, Associate Vice President for Quality, Advocacy, and LEAP Initiative, AAC&U 



Marc ZaldivarMarc Zaldivar, Director, Electronic Portfolio Initiative, Virginia Tech



Liberate Learning through Next Generation Assessment

G. Alex AmbroseG. Alex Ambrose, Associate Program Director of ePortfolio, University of Notre Dame



Atun AnggaraAtun Anggara, Academic Advisor and Educational Data Assessment Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Notre Dame




EPortfolios have now been identified as a high-impact practice and are in use in more than half of colleges and universities in the United States.  There are faculty and other educational professionals at every stage of ePortfolio application and adoption. Sessions for the ePortfolio Practice Track will address hands-on, practical applications of ePortfolios based upon first-hand experience developing ePortfolio programs and incorporating ePortfolios into pedagogical practice.  This will include:  

  • how to use ePortfolios to help students integrate their learning experiences within a course, across a program, across learning opportunities, and life experiences;
  • how ePortfolios can move from a practice of a few innovative faculty to a core aspect of every college and university through systematic institutionalization, resulting in a campus culture of integration and reflection among both faculty members and students;
  • how to leverage ePortfolios for career development and job placement; and
  • how tried and true methods for picking an ePortfolio platform can be implemented to ensure student learning, while providing the data institutions need for assessment and accreditation.



EPortfolios have been used on many campuses for numerous years for teaching and learning, assessment, career development, and other purposes. Individual campuses and consortia of colleges have conducted research on various aspects of ePortfolios. Sessions in this track will provide the results of research on ePortfolio use that are informing faculty and students about the effect of engaging with ePortfolios for enhanced student learning, student success, assessment, and career development. Sessions in this track will focus on:

  • the effect of using ePortfolios on student performance, including deep learning, GPA, completion, reflective practice, etc.;
  • instructional approaches, including the use of ePortfolios for signature work and as a meta high- impact practice;
  • assessment strategies and practices that leverage ePortfolios and how data can be used for program improvement, accreditation, and reporting; and
  • assisting students with career development as well as how employers are using ePortfolios in their hiring and professional development practices.



As digital learning has matured, the evidence base supporting a range of approaches which leverage technology and result in clear gains for student learning and/or student success has developed as well.  This track is designed to highlight educational practices that leverage learning technologies and foster positive results for students.  Sessions in this track will focus on:

  • improving student learning and performance through research-based applications of technology;
  • positively effecting a range of student success metrics, such as persistence, retention, and graduation rates;
  • closing the degree attainment gap; and
  • lowering the cost of higher education.


International Journal of ePortfolio

AAC&U is proud to collaborate with the International Journal of ePortfolio (IJeP)—a double-blind, peer-reviewed, open access journal freely available online—on a special issue to be published in Spring 2018.  Please note that those accepted to present a session in the 9th Annual ePortfolio Forum will be invited to write a 3,000-7,000 manuscript on the information/research being presented; however, submission to IJeP does not guarantee publication, as the journal’s peer review process will determine manuscript acceptance. 


Note, too, that the manuscript must be submitted in advance of the Forum and that the deadline for submission for consideration in the IJeP’s special issue is December 1, 2017.  Information about IJeP manuscript expectations can be found here

Submissions to IJeP are welcome from all interested individuals, regardless of participation in the Forum.